"Answer this question for me: “Does the need for a pre-sport massage disappear just because the temperature ticks above 70°?” Clearly the answer is “No;” enter non-warming embrocation. While there are a few non-warming embros on the market, Buckler Embrocation’s Pacific Blend stands out in the crowd."  Read the complete Balm Co. review here.

Buckler Embrocation joins Bicycle Blue Book/HRS/ Rock Lobster as a sponsor for the 2012/13 Cyclocross season. Check out all the action here.

Super Happy Fun Time Cycling Team needs to have super happy legs too - excited to be providing embro.  Check out the SHFT Cycling Team shenanigans here.

Supporting women's cycling, yeah we're doing that too.  Proud to be a sponsor of the Ritte Women's Cycling Team.  Find them on Facebook and Twitter.

“Arenberg Blend does not want to be covered by leg or knee warmers; it lashes out against them. It craves the cold, damp, muddy, and most filthy rides and races you can throw at it.  Most importantly though, for me anyway, is that Arenberg Blend by Buckler Embrocation has the qualities to be used in a race like Roubaix. And that is the most respectful interpretation you can make.”  Read the full Balm Co. review here.

Cyclocross Magazine includes Buckler Embrocation on their Holiday Gift Guide. See the complete guide here.  

Cycling Illustrated's "Last minute gift guide for your lovely lady"..Lionheart makes the cut!

Three Embros for Cyclocross Worlds, see who made the list

Superissimo von Buckler, when the mercury climbs and the air is thick or if you just want to smell super sexy grab a tub of Sancremo and bathe your legs in the manliest of summer embros.  Read whats so embrocative about this leg grease here

Cross season is just around the corner, time to take stock, order tubs and well, get a new bike.  If you are in the market for an amazing handcrafted cross bike check out Honey Bikes.  Honey is producing a very limited quantity of custom cross frames (or full builds) for the upcoming season.  We are thrilled to be partnering with Honey during this limited time engagment.  Check out the limited edition Cross bikes here

The Ritte Women's team has been extended an invitation to "Ras na mban" Ireland's premier women's cycling event. The Ritte chicks will be making the trek across the pond to compete in this 5 day all women's stage race, competing against elite level women form all over the world. It's events like these that we love to be involved in to support and grow the sport of women's cycling at all levels.  Remember, each tub of Lionheart you purchase helps this self- supported team....It's not too early to stock up for Cross!

Proud to be supporting Swift Cycle and their Gainesville - Atlantic 75. 

Peloton Magazine names Creme Fraiche a "quick hit"

Cyclocross Magazine include Creme Fraiche on the 2013 holiday gift guide

"Not Quite Belgium" puts Buckler to the test in New England.....survey says 9/10!

Creme Fraiche makes an appearance in the April issue of Road Magazine. 

Returning as a sponsor of the Gainesville Atlantic 75 for 2014.  Check out what Florida Cycling Magazine has to say 

Bicycling Magazine adds Buckler to their "50 Must Have" list 

LA Sweat warps up a great year of road racing.  We love supporting these amazing cyclists! 

Buckler partners with Boston Rebellion Pro XCT race 

Happy to be helping out LegSmith Racing Team for the 2016 season.  


Buckler in the news 


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